We are happy to announce that Aktivomania is now available online, be among the first that will enjoy the game. Have fun ! ! !

This is a civic education game and it incorporates three roles:
• Candidate,
• Voter, and
• Election Staff

There are tree types of elections:
• Mayor Elections
• National Assembly Elections
• Municipal Assembly Elections.

You can choose from different scenarios (different player roles, different types of elections) which give different outcomes, and makes this game fun to play many times.

You can play it in two modes:
• Single player : against computer bots,
• Multi player : against other players/computer bots,

You can play Aktivomania across all web and mobile platforms with different operating systems including: Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android. You can play it on all browsers: Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari.

Download the game on Play Store or App Store Soon

Before playing the main game, you need to play a mini game called “Register a Party” and collect support/points. When you have enough points, you can register a political party and continue to play the main game

The main game is a turn-based game with four players. The game is played on a board depicting a map of Kosovo divided into municipalities.

The object of the game is to eliminate the other players, win more than 50% of the territory of Kosovo and be a winner in the election game.

In order to win municipalities, you have to play several mini games such as a Public Speech mini game and a Win a Debate mini game.

You can also play 'Voting', a game created as a fun way of learning about the voting process. You choose a path through a voting station and win points for answering questions correctly along the way.

Enjoy the game !!!


Yll Krasniqi

Yll Krasniqi is a graphic designer and he is active at keeping his city clean.

Sonia Todorović

Sonia Todorović is a geographer and she leads the city’ mapping department.

Artan Bajrami

Artan Bajrami is a teacher who provides free English classes for children.

Rona Beka

Rrona Beka is an entrepreneur and director of the city football club in Mitrovica.

Edis Fazlić

Edis Fazlić is a member of the Association for Environmental Protection.

Nita Gashi

Nita Gashi is a professional photographer and animal rights activist.

Hasan Aliaj

Hasan Aliaj is a public servant in the municipality and he is a volunteer at the Red Cross.

Zana Fetahu

Zana Fetahu is a musician and director of the cultural center.